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our customers come first, here are some product examples.


is a family run company, established over 35 years ago. Our aim is to offer an honest and uncompromising service to existing and prospective customers.

Apple Mac

was formed in 1978, and has, over the past three decades, grown into a company that prides itself on quality and customer service. Based in Peterlee, Durham, in the heart of the North East of England, we have gained a reputation for our hard working, uncompromising attitude to client satisfaction.

  • Our staff have years of experience, and are all long serving, with half of them having been with the company for over 25 years. All members of the team are in-house trained, and learn from the outset that 'quality is our watchword'.
  • We have over the years gained vast and varied experience, and on numerous occasions have found answers to problems which other companies may struggle with.
  • Our aim is to deliver high quality products, using modern and varied processes.
  • Whereas we do not do 'cheap jobs' we pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, and will always endeavour to do all we can to meet the clients budget.
  • We are proud to have built a close and honest relationship with many of our clients, and offer the same honesty to all, new or old.

'We aim to achieve the level above our customers expectations'


Screen printing involves creating a stencil, then using that stencil to apply a layer of ink onto the substrate. Each colour is applied using a different stencil to achieve the final look.

The benefit of screen printing inks are their vibrancy, depth of colour and when required their opacity. There is a very wide range of inks available for printing onto different and / or unusual materials.


Digital printing has come into its own over the past few years and offers a quality which was previously unheard of in screen printing.

Large format digital printing is roll to roll or flatbed, both of which the company uses. Small format digital is used as a competitive alternative for the smaller runs of flyers, leaflets, letterheads, business cards etc.


Pad printing involves transferring ink from a printing plate, using a silicone pad, onto the object to be printed.

A very simple, but very effective process. Pad printing is the preferred process when the object to be printed is three dimensional and / or awkwardly shaped. With a huge variety of pads, including custom made, most shapes can be printed, even in deep recessed areas

Printing Services

Screen Printing

Screen Printing

At it most basic screen printing is a simple matter of forcing ink through a stencil. However, with the advancement, over the years, in films and inks the process is now capable of producing excellent quality, eye catching, vibrant, long lasting products. The types of inks now available mean that it is possible to print onto a wide range of substrates, such as paper, vinyl, acrylic, wood, metals, plastics and more.

Pad Printing

Pad Printing

Pad printing is a printing process that can transfer a 2-D image onto a 3-D object. The process involves an image being transferred from a plate via a silicone pad onto a substrate. Pad printing is used for printing onto otherwise difficult to print on products, in many industries including medical, automotive, promotional, apparel, and electronic objects, as well as appliances, sports equipment and toys.

Die Cutting

Die Cutting

Die cutting is the process of using a die to cut or trim low-strength materials, such as rubber, fiber, foil, cloth, paper, corrugated board, paper, plastics, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, foam etc. In conjunction with our printing processes. diecutting enables us to offer a wide variety of cut to shape point of sale products, boxes, wallets, gaskets etc.

Laminating Large Format

Laminating - Large Format

Apart from laminating in-house produced boards and point of sale products, we offer a trade service to both the printing industry and public for the laminating of posters, plans, maps etc.

Digital - Large Format

Digital - Large Format

Approximately ten years ago the company invested in it's first large format roll fed digital printer, which enabled us to offer an even wider service to our established and prospective customers. Two years ago the company added a market leading, large format flat bed UV printer. This particular printer enables us to print an area of 2500 x 1250mm and up to 45mm thick in one pass.

Digital - Small Format

Digital - Small Format

This technology allows us to offer a service of producing small quantity, high quality work at a price which is extremely favourable when compared with traditional printing process. Ideal for the likes of quick turnaround, economically priced flyers, leaflets, letterheads, business cards etc, we have also produced high end training manuals, as well as promotional and educational booklets and folders.

Trade Printing

Trade Printing

We offer both UV varnishing and strip gumming services to the printing trade. UV varnishing is an excellent addition to printed products to give the prints an extra 'lift' or decoration.
Strip gumming is used on leaflets and or folders, usually for the likes of sealed reply stationery.

Textile Printing

Textile Printing

Corporate clothing and Sportswear. Using print and cut heat press transfers, along with the help of associate companies we can offer both embroidered and printed garments covering all aspects of work wear and leisure wear.

We Pride Ourselves On High Quality

Client Testimonials

Reliability Is Exemplary

The Rickter Company Ltd has been relying on the services of Screenprint (Peterlee) Ltd for more than 15 years. Their reliability has been exemplary and Phil himself has always gone the extra mile in order for us to satisfy our customers.

Keith Stead CEO - The Rickter Company Limited

Timely & Cost Effective

Screenprint Peterlee, have provided a full, timely and cost effective printing solution for the past 4 years. From stationery to P.O.S, one off prints to runs of hundred thousands, basically no job is too big or too small. Furthermore, with the industry knowledge of the staff.

John Quinney Managing Director – Vapourlites Limited

Preferred Supplier

We have used the services of Screenprint Ltd for several years now for signage, document and booklet printing and custom site notice board layouts. The service and quality has always been second to none and within a pricing range acceptable to ourselves. Screenprint is a preferred supplier for these services.

Gary Price Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Manager Tor Coatings Ltd


I couldn't recommend Screen Print Peterlee enough. Excellent company with great customer service and great quality at a fair price.

Paul Carr Technical Buyer Palintest Leaders in Water Analysis Technology


We have been dealing with Screenprint (Peterlee) Ltd for many years now for labels on our machines and are delighted with their quality. They have the ability to meet our exacting demands in a timely, professional manner.

Margaret Mitchinson Director Phoenix ABC Limited
Seaward Electronic
Palintest Ltd
Phoenix ABC
The Rickter Company
Tor Coatings Ltd

100's Of Happy Clients!